A Few Strategies for Event Marketing

For successful events and ceremonies, your objectives for the events must be clear. Event marketing objectives can be uncovered by looking at your event vitals. They may come from your attendees’ feedback, it may be your boss asking about them, it could be your desire for growth to inspire them.

You will find that most of the advice on event marketing strategy insists upon the importance of great objectives without providing any real event marketing objective examples. This article will tell AND show you how to create successful event marketing strategies.

Modern event marketing objectives should be tangible. The measurable part is simplistic. Measurement is not what it used to be 30 years ago, it has evolved. Instead of measurable we could say motivating. Motivational objectives are defined by a tangible end action. If you influence your prospects to take that action, you will have achieved your specific objective.

We will discuss how to move our audience through different actions to the one that really matters to us but, for now, remember that your event marketing objectives need to be:

Relevant to the main event objective

Measure Your Event Marketing Strategies
Now that you’ve created a strong marketing strategy, you’re only half done. You need to find out how effective it is. What is the ROI (return on investment) you are getting after investing all your resources and advertising budget into influencing an attendee to purchase a ticket?

Event professionals are great ‘doers,’ but what about putting a system in place for measurement?
So let’s get down to business. Here are some steps to measure your event:

Choose your analytic platforms (website analytics, paid ad analytics, event management software, etc)
Know all your vitals (email click-through rates, video views, engagement with video, ads CTR, page conversion rate, etc)
Run tests
Analyze often

There used to be a time when guessing reach was common practice. Event planners and marketers guessed and then tried to correlate results to campaigns. Those times are now gone. Measurement is easy and optimization is essential to success.

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